Fitness for the Body & Mind
in Prenzlauer Berg

Because BLISS is the Foundation — NOT the Goal.

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Why you should join

ENLIVEN your Body, SHARPEN your Mind and BLISS OUT!

Become more Alive & Youthful

Awaken ALL the cells in your body with rushing Hi-Oxygen blood throughout your body.

Become more Flexible & Focused

By bending NOT only your body but also your mind, you will become more flexible, creative and focused.

But also become @-Ease & @-Power

By calming your mind, you’ll not only tap an intelligence beyond your limited thinking patterns but also @-ease and @-power.

What you will experience

TINGLING in your BODY, LOVE in your BREATH, and BLISS in your HEAD!!

Dynamic Movements — to create HEAT & FLEXIBILITY

With SHORT yet INTENSE physical movements you will NOT ONLY BOOST your PULSE beyond your limits, but you will feel LIFE PULSATING in your body.

Breath Work — to OXYGENATE and ENERGIZE the system

With SIMPLE yet POWERFUL breathing practices, you will RUSH NOT only Oxygen into your blood but also expand your lung capacity, and feel a pleasant RUSH of adrenaline in your system.

Mind Games — to BREAK current limiting MINDSET

With FUN yet EFFECTIVE mind games, you will NOT only break FREE from mental blocks but also invite NEW inspiring & creative thoughts.

Meditation — to RAISE your IQ and access BLISS

With shutting up the mental chatter, you will NOT only access a peaceful dimension but also an intelligent and blissful one. That is the FOUNDATION to a LIFE worth LIVING & EXPLORING.



Erik Paulson

Mind-Body Expert


Hanka Sat Want Kaur

Breath Walk & Author


Isolde Weber

Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher

Where is the studio?

Husemannstrasse 32
10435 Berlin
Do you want to access bliss?
Come and join us for a new type of fitness to raise your IQ and access bliss.
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