The IGNITE.FIT concept uniquely combines all aspects of physical well-being. “Empower your Body, Mind and Energy” is a holistic approach that combines health, strength and relaxation. IGNITE.FIT combines functional training with strength training and nutritional advice. The ideal combination for your long-term success.


At IGNITE.FIT Personal Training we take time for you because we want you to reach your goals! That is why we carry out a comprehensive assessment at the beginning, in which we analyze your initial situation according to the latest scientific findings. On this basis we create your personal training and nutrition program. But that’s just the first step. Every training and nutrition plan at IGNITE.FIT is personalized and personally designed to suit your situation.


Through your personalized and holistic IGNITE.Fit program, you can reach your goals directly. With the help of intensive, personal care by our team you will feel the changes after a relatively short time. Through the individual and result-oriented support of our qualified employees, we achieve long-term success together and can guarantee results. With our “Satisfaction Guarantee” we give you the certainty that you will reach the agreed results with our support. Your goal is our commitment.


The IGNITE FIT team takes a holistic approach. Your well-being is our focus. Our “integral” system combines strength training, functional training, endurance training and nutrition. In this way body, mind and soul come in balance. Completely “incidentally”, you build up a natural musculature and reduce body fat. The back is strengthened, and you get more energy for the whole day.

A special focus is on correct movement execution, not on “exhausting at all costs”. Only in this way can it be ensured that there will be no long-term injuries and postural damage. The goal is to complete each workout energetically.

Since, in our opinion, training on machines does not correspond to human movement and load patterns, we generally do not use them. In contrast to everyday life and sports, the muscles are addressed in isolation during machine training. The movements are two-dimensional and usually take place while sitting. Our functional training is three-dimensional and requires entire muscle chains. In this way, the body learns to function again as a unit. Since each person has individual requirements, this type of training requires extensive knowledge and understanding of human movement patterns on the part of the coaches.

We can tell a lot. Convince yourself of our concept.

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