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Erik Paulson
Mind-Body Expert

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Sprachen: English, Deutsch

Yoga is discipline — relentless and consistent practice, so that you experience the immensity of life rather than recycling the “important” thoughts and emotions you’re making up.
Yoga is power — the power to be free and in charge of your interior life. And, the power not to be enslaved by others and external situations.
Yoga is about enhancing life through scientific methods rather than through wishful thinking and outdated belief systems.
I want to see my students become more alive, more powerful, and blissed out by themselves.

Sillse Giesen
Studio Manager
IGNITE Boxing &  Running Coach

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Languages: Dutch, German and English

Who am I?

Since I can think, sport is my great passion. With my studies in sports and applied training sciences, I turn this dream into reality. I was able to directly apply my knowledge from my studies as a competitive sportswoman in ski, as a passionate field hockey player, runner and triathlete. These experiences are invaluable in my role as a personal coach.

Another important component for me has always been social commitment, dedication and enthusiasm. Things that are wonderfully combined in sports.

What will we achieve together?

“Do the necessary, then the possible, and suddenly you can do the impossible.” Together we will achieve your goals.

My motto:

Two things are necessary to our work: Unremitting endurance and the willingness not to throw away something in which you have invested a lot of time and work.


  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness Trainer A + B
  • Running Coach
  • TRX Trainer
  • FMS Level 1 + 2 certification
  • Ski trainer

Dinesh Ramakrishnan

Dinesh Ramakrishnan
Head Coach
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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Languages: English, Malay, Tamil, basic Chinese

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Never give up.”

Hi, I am Dinesh and I am in the fitness and health industry since 2008. Throughout my career I came across a wide range of training and dieting concepts and their effects on the individual’s body and lifestyle. I combine a scientific background with years of international working experience, enabling me to effectively work with a wide range of clients. I love to deliver fun and intense workouts with a strong focus on the right techniques.   

I am passionate about inspiring people to become more healthy, happy and confident, and to help them reach their individual health and fitness goals.


Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, Functional Training, Sports Specific Training, Nutrition and Detox, Injury Prevention


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science
  • EQF Level 6 Personal Trainer, Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist Cert. (EREPS)
  • 5+ years working experience in the UK, Singapore and Germany – local and international clientele
  • Experience with training clients who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure etc.


John Gonsalves

Fitness Expert

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Languages: English and Basic German


From self-disciplined dieting and weight training, to playing American football and wrestling, or studying the workings of the human body through Nursing in University, fitness, nutrition, and athletics have always been an integral part of my lifestyle. I have always been passionate about my fitness goals and as a personal trainer, I will love to use my passion and expertise to help you reach yours as well.

We will achieve your goals together!

Licensing and Certifications:

-Bachelors of Science in Nursing

-United States Registered Nurse

-Fitness Trainer A & B License

Gemiliano Bersani

Gemiliano Bersani
Bodyweight & Crossfit Specialist
FMS Level 2 certified

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Languages: Italian, English, German

Specialization: „Constantly Varied High Intensity Functional Movement“

Who am I?

Born in Naples, I had an early interest in judo, Japanese martial arts. As a second step, I competitively played tennis. Then I continued with martial arts Muay Thai and Thai boxing.

As a trainer, I focus on functional training and the mechanics of functional movement. The crucial phase in my career as an athlete and trainer was learning the CrossFit system, which is based on Constantly Varied High Intensity Functional Movement. My long career as a competitive athlete in martial arts, and later in CrossFit competitions, and Functional Training gave me the opportunity in the past nine years to continue building my career as a trainer and coach in CrossFit boxes, gyms, and personal trainers.

  • Personal Trainer Senior Diploma of FIPE (Federazione Italiana Pesistica)
  • CrossFit L1
  • Crossfit weightlifting
  • CrossFit Scaling Certificate

Sebastiaan Bokhorst

Sebastiaan Bokhorst
Strength & Conditioning Expert
Kettlebell Expert

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Languages: English, Dutch

I am a personal trainer with 10 years of experience of which the last 8 years in Central London. May 2017 I made a fresh start in Berlin.

From the beginning of my career in the Fitness Industry, kettlebells have been a leading role in my approach to training. Fascinated by the need to understand and coordinate your body as a whole in relation to the moving kettlebell, I soon added more equipment for their ballistic qualities like Bulgarian Bags and ViPRs to my inventory. It also unlocked my interest in other disciplines that require full body movements such as Olympic Weightlifting, callisthenics, Suspension Training, Animal Flow and Obstacle Course Racing.

In London I joined a Girevoy Sport Lifting Club. Girevoy Sport is the competitive part of kettlebell training and I have been coached by some of the greatest athletes in the Girevoy Sport community (i.e Anton Anasenko and Gregor Sobočan).

Having trained clients from all walks of life and collaborated with so many skill full trainers, I feel I can tap from a wealth of experience and deliver a fun and creative workout. Where losing weight and toning up becomes a side-effect of you getting fitter, healthier and stronger.


REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Girevoy Sport Trainer (Russian Girevoy Sport Academy)
Advanced Kettlebell Instructor (Optimal Life Fitness)


Ava von Düsterlho
Power Yoga

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Ava has always been a seeker. At a very early age, she began dancing, playing the piano, writing and, first and foremost, acting. But, after extensive studies in New York and Germany, and work in film, television, and theater, she began to question if there was more to her existence. One night, after moving to Belin, she wished intently that she could know that higher purpose. The next day, she joined Nicole Rudschinat’s yoga class and never looked back.

In 2015, Ava became a certified yoga teacher at YOGA 4 ALL MANKIND (Y4ALL) with Nicole, followed by an active apprenticeship of teaching, assisting and training, as well as workshops on inversions and sequencing. She added Pilates teacher training in 2016, and began teaching at Y4ALL, guest teaching advanced and staff classes at Soho House Berlin, and filling in every spare minute with corporate classes and personal training.

It was great to be in demand, but her deepest wish has, and is, to pass on one of the heartfelt lessons that Yoga has taught her—life is not about what you do, but how you do it. That´s why her teaching is personal, fun, and, most importantly. free of any competitive element.

Volker Vorndamme

Communication / Biohacker / Fitness Expert

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Biohacking ist ein relativ junger Trend aus den USA. Beim Biohacking geht es um Selbstoptimierung.

Biohacker nutzen das System der menschlichen Biologie. Sie schauen sich den Körper und den Geist an, versuchen ihn zu verstehen, auseinanderzunehmen und dann in verbesserter Form wieder zusammenzusetzen.

Biohacking stützt sich auf die Überzeugung, dass alles, was gemessen werden auch optimiert werden kann. Es geht darum, externe Feedbacksysteme zu installieren, um Körper, Geist und Wohlbefinden zu tracken, um dann im nächsten Schritt Pläne zu machen und umzusetzen, wie sich diese Daten optimieren lassen.

Im Prinzip ist es heute jedem Menschen mit überschaubaren zeitlichen und finanziellen Mitteln möglich, zahlreiche Parameter und Biosysteme zu messen:
* Blutwerte
* Gewicht
* Körperfett
* Schlaf
* Speichel / Urin
* Körper- und Hautthemperatur
* Glück (im Moment leben können)
* Energie (Motivation, Antrieb)
* Spiritualität (mit sich im Reinen sein)

Aus den Ergebnissen lassen sich Rückschlüsse ziehen, welche Werte sich optimieren lassen.

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